LoonWitch's Enchanted Forest
LoonWitch's Enchanted Forest
Sha Blackburn

Welcome to LoonWitch's Enchanted Forest

A sacred space to learn, share, grow and just be.

Who's the LoonWitch?

Sha Blackburn is the LoonWitch; an internationally known psychic,  witch,  healer and teacher.   She has been honored as an Inspirational Woman of the Year by the NAPW (2010-2011), and has been practicing her craft for over 30 years.  She firmly believes that we all have the power within ourselves to overcome every obstacle and has dedicated her practice to helping others walk the path of their truth. 

Why the Enchanted Forest?

I grew up in the woods... on a dirt road, in a small town.  I love the forest.  The of the trees during any form of weather.  Each season I learn something new and am reminded of how things should just flow and be.  When I moved into an office space and shared a waiting area with a friend, I decorated the waiting area as a forest.... and because you had to literally follow a winding path through the building to find us, we lovingly called it The Enchanted Forest.  I love the idea of it so much, that I have kept the theme and my newest location in Raynham MA is a cozy forest setting in a plaza by the Taunton River.  I would love to re-create that same cozy feeling here online.